My Name is Rick Shaffer - web, ui, + print designer

I like to collaborate mostly on web design and brand identity, but I'm experienced in a variety of other branches of strategic design. When I'm not doing my part to make the web a prettier place, I like to snowboard on mountains and ride my bike. I'm also an amateur street-chef and hardcore internet spelunker.

When I originally created this website I did so with the intention of displaying my passion/work somewhere that everyone could access it - also known as a design portfolio. Ultimately this space has become a creative playground for me to experiment with UI design and front-end development. There are very few rules and plenty of room to try new things and progress with my skill set.

View Project Sam Long Landscaping & ExcavatingView Project

Sam Long's Landscaping

Web Design, Branding

Oak Orchard Fly Shop Web-StoreView Project

Oak Orchard Fly Shop

UI Design, Web Design, E-Commerce

View Project Giancarlo's Sicilian Steakhouse and PizzeriaView Project

Giancarlo's Restaurant

Web Design, Icon design, Branding